Purpose to be a Daniel

Becoming a Daniel

Daniel in his journey from Judah to Babylon must have been terrified. He saw the Temple of God being looted his home left in ruin and his family fading into the distance. We today in the U.S.A are so blessed to be safe from most harm that may befall someone in these turbulent times. We should however remember Hebrews 13:14 “We have no lasting city here, but we seek the city that is to come.” We have a hope for a future spent in God’s Kingdom where we will, not only be safe but spend eternity growing closer to God.

The problem we face now though is this; we are in this world and until death or rapture we need to be like Daniel in this world. Throughout Daniel we see him submit to the authority of those above him (Dan.1:8, 11-14; 2:14). This of course works in Daniel’s favor because the kings he served under and the men he served with could find nothing against him. We as Christians today should be the same way, no matter where you live or who your government leaders are good, or evil. We must first be good. In Romans 13:1-7 we see this example being told to us. If we behave like godly Christians should we will do good we will be the light so that when this world looks at us and their leaders look at us all they can say is those are good people who obey not only the Law of their God, but the fair laws of men. If they can see that in our lives then maybe our leaders will be a little more curious about Jesus and His story.

In Christ

Pastor Thor