James- The Working Faith

James 2:14 (ESV) what good is it, my brothers if someone say he has faith but does not have work? Can that Faith save him?

The simple answer of course is yes faith is what saves. The question you need to ask yourself is what are you doing with your faith? James was not trying to tell us that doing good deeds or; “works” was the mean to salvation but that we as believers need to be producing good fruit. Matthew 12:33b tells us “the tree is known by its fruit.” James was making the point that if you as a believer are sitting on the sidelines of life and not serving you are in the wrong. Now service is a big field, should everyone be a pastor, no missionary no, but we all have opportunities to serve God, opening the door for a stranger or putting the needs of a co-worker before your own. We need to be living our lives for the glory of God and to produce good works and deeds for Christ. That is the challenge James is giving us to show our faith in our service to the one and only living God!

Pastor Thor