Habakkuk-The Righteous shall live by faith.

In Habakkuk chapter two we see one of the most recognizable verses in “Christian Circles” today.

Habakkuk 2:4b-The righteous shall live by Faith.

The Just shall live by Faith became the battle cry of the protestant reformation in the days of Martin Luther. The idea that we can go directly to God in Faith! Not some set ways of works or good deeds. I truly wish today we had such fervent passion over some things in scripture. We live in a society and culture that changes morality based on what people think is right and is not founded on the truth of scripture. There is hope out there, and that hope is Jesus Christ. Even for Habakkuk who was seeing all the evil that his own people were doing (sounds familiar?) he knew what truly mattered. That was a deep relationship with God and living a life by faith. So no matter where this world goes or how quickly it gets there we should always try to live by Faith.
By Pastor Thor