Habakkuk-The man who asked God why!

Studying through Habakkuk is always interesting. You see we live in a society that is peaked with curiosity. Children from a very young age begin to question their parents with the never ending question that is why? Even into adult hood this train of thought continues; why does my boss want me to have this project done today, or why is the economy in such a rut, why can’t I just get a moment of rest?

These questions and more we ask, and it never is a problem that we asked as long as we can do it while showing kindness or patience. Habakkuk was in the same situation “Why God” only for Habakkuk it was about the punishment of his people. Habakkuk did it in the right way of course, when he questioned God he was humble and truly submitting to God no matter the outcome for Habakkuk or his people. Can we be like Habakkuk? Are we willing to put aside our own agenda and preferences when asking our questions to God? I hope so because even when we don’t get the answer we want God has a plan!

By Pastor Thor