Ephesians 1:3-14

When we talked about Spiritual blessing on Aug, 7th 2016 in our time together, I wanted to bring extra attention to verses six, twelve, and fourteen. We see in those sections of scripture this theme of “To the Praise of His Glory”.

So what is Glory? With the 2016 Olympic happening in Rio this year we see many individuals creating their legacy and being glorified by their home countries and the world for their skills in a huge variety of sports. The athletes of course are not the only ones who benefit from a win; the entire nation can claim some of the pride and glory that comes from a gold medal.

 Now let us take a look, and dig a little deeper into what Paul is saying about the Lord’s glory. The Greek word here is doxa (δόξα) and is described as celebrated, renowned, eminent, exalted and of course glorious or glory. These spiritual blessings that are given are all for God’s glory, but they all benefit us in amazing ways: forgiveness of sins, sealing of the Holy Spirit, being adopted into God’s Family; and so much more. All these things are for God’s glory but benefit us. Consequently the glory that God receives and the blessing we gain from trusting in Jesus Christ outweigh any gold medal.
Pastor Thor Williams